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CAREER OPPORTUNITY IN Institute of Space Technology {1ST)


 CAREER OPPORTUNITY IN  Institute of Space Technology (1ST) 

Institute of Space Technology {1ST) invites applications from qualified and competent candidates for faculty posts on contract basis as per details mentioned below:-



Pay Scale

Discipline / Specialization / Field


Professor/ Associate Professor

Tenure Track System/ IST's Faculty Pay Scale (FPS)



Remote Sensing& Geo-information Science





Assistant Professor



Tenure Track System/ IST's Faculty Pay Scale (FPS) Contract

Computer Science

Computer Science

Management Sciences

Electrical Engineering

Spatial Sciences/ Data Science/ Geo-Information Science


SAR Remote Sensing/ GIS/ GNSS/ Astrodynamics

Space Science

Electrical/ Electronics/ Embedded Systems

Avionics Engineering

Controls I Propulsion

Manufacturing/ Mechatronics/ Robotics

Aeronautics& Astronautics

Mechanical Engineering

Nonlinear Dynamics

Applied Mathematics& Statistics








Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Computer Science

Computer Science

Computational Physics

Space Science

Engineering Management

Mechanical Engineering

Aeronautics& Astronautics

Mechanical Engineering


Applied Mathematics&


English& Pak Studies


Lab Engineer/ Associate



Observational Astronomy I Environment& Climate Sciences

Space Science

Aerospace Engineering

Fluid and Thermal Systems

Aeronautics& Astronautics

Mechanical Engineering

        For further details regarding eligibility criteria for the above mentioned above-mentioned faculty posts, application guidelines, and downloading of application form, please visit IST's website: www.ist.edu.pk

        Details regarding eligibility criteria on Tenure Track are also available on HEC's website: www.hec.gov.pk

        All the posts are based in IST's Islamabad Campus except for the posts in the Department of Remote Sensing& Geo­ Information Science which are based in IST's Karachi Campus

        Interviews/Presentations for all the posts will be conducted in IST's Islamabad Campus only except for the Karachi based posts in the Department of Remote Sensing and Geo-information Science (RS & GISc), for which interviews/presentations may be held in both IST's Islamabad and Karachi Campuses on the choice of the candidates

         Please mark the position applied for on the right hand side of the envelope

        TA I DA will not be admissible for appearing in the interview/ presentation

         1ST will keep accepting applications until the positions are filled

Addi Director (HRM)

Post Box No. 2750, Islamabad 44000

        Institute of           

Space Technology

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